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The ISK FIRE SURVIVAL is a system that provides the material and technical resources necessary to establish a survival zone in critical situations of fire entrapment. It includes a safety procedure, which contributes to increase the survival probability of personnel in situations of extreme risk.

ISK Fire Survival

Comprehensive Security and
Self-Protection Device

The Fire kit consisting of 4 elements, specially designed to increase the security and favor the extinction and protection of people and property in situations of fire entrapment with self-pump vehicles. The benefits of the device, the elements that form it and its purpose, allow it to obtain the consideration of collective protection equipment in the firefighting sector. It establishes a survival zone in specific trapping situations, where the environmental conditions generated by the fire are incompatible with life.



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Survival Zone

Emotional Management

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Vehicle Threatened by Fire

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ISK Fire Survival

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Integral Safety Kit



System that provides the material and technical resources necessary to establish a survival zone in critical situations of fire entrapment.

The Integral Security and Self-Protection nozzle is specially designed to establish SECURITY – PROTECTION – EXTINCTION – SELF-PROTECTION – GEOLOCATION of people and goods threatened by fire in entrapment situations. Its benefits and use allow it to obtain the title of collective protection equipment in the fire sector.



Fireproof and Waterproof Collective Shelter specially designed to promote the safety and protection of combat personnel, in extreme situations of entrapment by fire.

The Fireproof Collective Shelter is designed to increase the safety and protection of combatant personnel, in the case of extreme situation of fire entrapment where the environmental conditions of temperature and gases are incompatible with life. It is a roof built with fireproof materials for protection against convective and radiant heat from short-distance flames. Its benefits, as well as its purpose, allow it to obtain the consideration of collective protection equipment in the fire industry.​



Thermal Tire Protector

The tyre protectors is made of flame retardant materials with high resistance to flames and high temperatures. It is an accessory that protects and minimizes the risk of the tires reaching their ignition point, preventing the vehicle from being set on fire.

Connections sewn with thread and Kevlar tape.
4-layer flame retardant fabric.
Grip and positioning handles



Cover blanket offers protection of Tyres, neumatic parts and critical components of the vehicle in extreme situations of exposure to fire.

Thermal Fireproof Protector of Tires is specially designed to increase the protection of the vehicle’s tires and prevent its ignition in extreme fire exposure situations, which is an element especially susceptible to combustion while passing of the flame front, in situations of vehicle entrapment.​



Internal FIRE Barrier Curtains offers protection of people inside the cab, made of multiple layers of aluminum that provide burn protection on fire engines.


The Purpose Of Fire Survival Kit

The forest fires phenomenon has ceased to be a natural disturbance that shapes the landscape to become a terrible threat, which more than 95% of cases are caused by humans. ​

According to data from the MAGRAMA Fire Area (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment), the total burned area in 2012 was 209,855.21 hectares, being the worst year of the decade and one of the worst in the last 20 years. To this loss of natural resources is added the worst of the figures:​

Deadly Victims

From 1980 to 2010, 245 people died in Spain, in relation to the statistical bases used, which 187 belonged to the firefighting service.

According to the following table, which table shows these values, cornering or entrapment is the most important cause in the group of civil or non-service population victims.  It is noticed that more than 50% of these victims, as statistics says, the cause of death is unknown.

Number of dead people in Spain from 1980 to 2010 according to cause of death and belonging to the forest firefighting service :

Cause of physical death


Fire-fighting service

Non-service people

Fire entrapment




Air accident




Land accident












In relation to the dead people who belonged to the firefighting services, cornering or entrapment represents 50.8% of the total number of victims, air accidents 25.1%, land accidents 17.6% and physical causes 6.4%.

Between 1980-2010, a total amount of 126 firefighters died in extinguishing operations, of which 88 were due to cornered or trapped in the fire. ​
In the last 33 years, the number of deaths has risen to 276 people, an average of 8-9 people a year.

Material Losses

To these relevant data, we must add other less relevant, although of great importance, caused as a result of the cornering or entrapment:​

Material losses (calcined extinguishing vehicles).​

Despite not having statistics, there are numerous vehicles burned in fires as a result of trapping situations, many of them abandoned by their users in extreme situations, others for not having protection systems, not having activated, or , be inappropriate for these cases.​

Extinguishing vehicles, despite having specifications and requirements regarding the materials used in their manufacture according to regulations, are especially vulnerable to prolonged and / or extreme temperature exposures. In most cases, the tires, the coating materials and the glazing of the vehicle are usually the most vulnerable points to the ignition and spread of fire towards the rest of the vehicle.​

After the statistical analysis of the events that have occurred in recent years, the number of fatalities reflects the real need to improve in security, innovation and continuous progress in the sector. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the development of new safety devices and procedures that contribute to the establishment of comprehensive training in the situations mentioned, thus reducing the entrapment situations and their consequences.



ISK Fire Survival is born from the concerns and reflections of a group of professionals linked to the firefighting service, with years of experience in the sector. Reflections that have their origin in the death of professionals and colleagues who lost their lives during the tasks of extinction in defense of the environment, people and property.​

From our personal and professional perception, we can conclude that, in order to avoid entrapment accidents, it is not enough to instruct extinction professionals in training based on prevention and safety (OCEL protocol, 18-10 safety standards – risk situations, etc.). Despite being a basic, essential and mandatory aspect for extinction professionals, accidents may occur, and trapping situations are latent in any of the interventions. Unfortunately, lives and companions are still being lost.​

“The fire can, therefore, travel in a few minutes a very large area of ​​territory, with a capacity for destruction that is absolutely uncontrollable.”​

“If an eruption occurs, the hot gases produced by the fire and the radiation flows when it approaches, could endanger the lives of those in such locations.”​

Bibliographic reference: Eruptive behavior of a forest fire, according to D. Domingo Xavier Viegas, (Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, F.C.T.U. Coimbra. Center for studies on forest fires, ADAI)..​

Safety-related training is a basic pillar that that helps to reduce accidents and helps to recognize a trapping situation, but DOES NOT AVOID accidents by entrapment.​

We must complement this training with safety procedures based on the management of the emotional factor and make safety devices specially developed to solve extreme and unexpected situations of entrapment available to extinction professionals.​

Increase the probability of survival and reduce its consequences mean CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. This translates into SAVE LIVES.