How does the ISK FIRE SURVIVAL work in an entrapment situtation?

ISK Fire Survival

ISK FIRE SURVIVAL has an entrapment safety procedure with self-pump vehicles (patented and tested).

The configuration of its elements will depend on the situation and availability of water at the moment.​

  • It establishes a protective screen against thermal impact and convective winds.
  • Avoid direct contact of the flame on the shelter and the vehicle.
  • It protects the survival zone and perimeter close to the advance of the fire, thanks to the projection of its extinguishing agent.
  • It delays the ignition of the fuel and favors the extinction.
  • It helps to maintain the vehicle’s functionality and operability.
  • Determine the survival zone with the rest of the elements.

Real picture of the fireproof FS1

Representation of the projection dome of extinguishing agent.